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Giving back to the Community

Our Community

Oregon Towncar Services has recognized the importance of Community Involvement since the company began in 1998. We have been Pro-Active in giving back to the communities that support us. We have donated "Our Service" to support causes such as .

two kids

Oregon Town Car is proud to be a sponsor of Make A Wish. Make A Wish allows children battling critical illnesses to make big wishes and have them granted. This organization gives children, and their families, the hope and the strength to continue with their health battles. As you can imagine the wishes are as varied as the children themselves. Whatever the dream, Make A Wish works to make it a reality for these special kids.

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The Immigrant and Refugee community Organization. This is an organization that seeks to empower immigrants and refugees from around the world to build new lives. They offer programs to help with language transition, vocational training, gang prevention, and linguistically specific social services. IRCO also helps to foster understanding between these new arrivals and the established communities that they are living in. Oregon Town Car is proud to assist these people in making The United States home.


Smile Train is an international children’s charity that provides free repair of cleft palate or lip. These clefts make it very difficult for the children to eat, breathe, hear, and speak. This organization helps teach local doctors how to surgically repair these clefts so that they aren’t dependent on surgeons from other areas. The sooner the cleft is repaired the less effect it will have on the child’s life. Oregon Town Car is happy to sponsor more smiles in the world.


Janus has been working in the Pacific Northwest since 1972 helping our teens who are in crisis to be able to build a future. They help homeless youth by providing a way to get off of the streets with counseling and shelter. Janus teaches young parents the skills needed to raise a child and they also work with children and their parents if the child runs away. Oregon Town Car is happy to sponsor a program that is so involved in our communities.

police car

Oregon Town Car is proud to help the local police in their endeavors. We donate to their funds so they can provide programs like; graffiti removal, a car seat clinic for new parents, youth peer court, and national night out among others. The police usually only interact with the citizens on what is quite possibly the worst day of the citizen's life. These programs help the police to meet the communities in a non threatening, helpful way. Building relationships with the neighborhoods helps the police to know who belongs and who doesn’t.


Our local schools are frequently unable to provide their students with the hands on learning that students require for a good education. Oregon Town Car is happy to donate to our schools so that children can participate in innovative academic enrichment programs. Because of the donations that the schools receive they are able to continue with the music, athletic, and other programs that we took for granted as students.

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